Thailand realty giant MQDC is making waves in Luxury Housing Projects in Delhi-NCR

Luxury Housing Projects in Delhi-NCR

In a strategic maneuver that signifies a major expansion in its Indian portfolio, Thailand-based real estate firm MQDC (Magnolia Quality Development Corporation) is gearing up to venture into the realm of luxury housing projects in Delhi-NCR region. Already a notable presence in India’s co-working space, MQDC is currently in talks with local builders, eyeing potential joint developments to establish a significant foothold in the region’s real estate market.

Disclose ‘Whizdom Club India’ – MQDC India’s Ambitious Co-Working Hub in Gurugram

Adding to its diverse offerings, MQDC India, armed with the success of its operational co-working facility in South Delhi, is set to inaugurate its second co-working space, ‘Whizdom Club India,’ on the esteemed Golf Course Road in Gurugram. This announcement comes as MQDC India Country Director Chulamas Jitpatima (Amy) shares insights into the company’s bold expansion plans during a recent press conference.

Amy’s Vision for MQDC India – Luxury Housing Projects in Delhi-NCR on the Horizon by 2025

Luxury Housing Projects in Delhi-NCR

Amy, expressing the company’s forward-looking vision, revealed MQDC’s intentions to develop luxury housing projects in Delhi-NCR and Gurugram. Actively engaged in discussions with local developers, the company anticipates finalizing partnerships early next year, with a targeted unveiling of its first residential project slated for 2025.

MQDC extends a warm invitation to Indian investors, showcasing lucrative opportunities in its Bangkok properties, boasting an average annual yield of 5-7%, an annual capital gain of around 3%, and a rental return of about 5%. Amy notes that property prices in Bangkok range from Rs 25,000 to Rs 1 lakh per square foot, making it an enticing prospect for investors.

MQDC’s success in the co-working sphere is evident in the operational Greater Kailash center, currently operating at an impressive 80-90% occupancy rate. Preparing for further expansion, MQDC is gearing up to launch its second center at Golf Course Road, spanning 42,000 square feet and accommodating approximately 500 desks. This upcoming center, located in the LEED Gold-rated ‘Tapasya One’ building, is poised to cater to the diverse needs of professionals, corporations, and startups across the national capital region.

Since its establishment in India in 2019, MQDC has identified substantial growth opportunities and remains deeply committed to expanding and diversifying its presence in the country. As an international property developer operating in India, China, and Thailand, MQDC, a subsidiary of DTGO, founded in 1993, specializes in residential, community district, and theme projects, including retail and hotels. Stay tuned for further updates on MQDC’s dynamic ventures in the Indian real estate market.

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