Commercial Projects in Noida Extension

Noida Extension, also known as Greater Noida West, has emerged as a thriving destination for commercial projects in recent years. Offering a blend of affordability, strategic location, and growing infrastructure, Noida Extension presents lucrative opportunities for businesses. Commercial projects in Noida Extension encompass a diverse range of options, including office spaces, retail outlets, and mixed-use developments.

These projects often feature modern architecture, ample parking facilities, high-speed connectivity, and a well-planned layout to accommodate the evolving needs of businesses. With the presence of residential communities in the vicinity, commercial projects in Noida Extension benefit from a captive consumer base and a vibrant market. Entrepreneurs and investors can leverage the potential of Noida Extension’s commercial projects to establish a strong presence and tap into the growing economic prospects of the region.

Noida Extension has become a center for commercial enterprises due to its advantageous location and first-rate facilities. The city attracts enterprises of all sizes because of its skyscrapers, contemporary amenities, and business-friendly atmosphere. This article will examine some of the Best commercial properties in Noida Extension, highlighting those that present great prospects for both businesses and investors. 

Noida Extension has everything, from cutting-edge business buildings to contemporary retail establishments. So let’s explore and discover some of Noida’s most fascinating and innovative commercial properties.

3 Best Commercial Projects In Noida Extension

The below three projects will give you the best returns for your investments:-

  1. PKS Town Central
  2. Gaur World Street Mall
  3. Golden I
  4. Galactic City

1. PKS Town Central, Noida Extension: Elevating Commercial Excellence

PKS Town Central in Noida Extension stands as a testament to extraordinary commercial ventures, situated strategically in the heart of Greater Noida West. Crafted by the esteemed PKS Buildmart, this bustling street promises an exceptional shopping experience, aligning with international standards and designed to cater to the diverse needs of families looking to spend quality time.

Key Features of PKS Town Central:

International Retail Brands: PKS Town Central invites consumers to indulge in a shopping extravaganza with an array of international retail brands, adding a touch of global elegance to the shopping experience.

Family-Centric Design: The development is tailored to create an inviting atmosphere for families, emphasizing a seamless blend of convenience and leisure.

Culinary Delights: Boasting the finest culinary offerings, PKS Town Central features a spacious food area, poised to become a culinary haven within Delhi NCR. Catering to varied tastes, it ensures a delightful dining experience for everyone.

Comprehensive Amenities: From Wi-Fi connectivity to ample parking, a refreshing pool, 24-hour water supply, robust power backup, efficient rainwater harvesting, and a fully equipped clubhouse, PKS Town Central leaves no stone unturned to fulfill the diverse requirements and desires of consumers.

Entertainment Hub: With a movie theatre, open spaces, and sports facilities, PKS Town Central adds an entertainment dimension, making it a multifaceted destination for families and individuals alike.

Landscape Park and Coffee House: The project offers a tranquil landscape park and a cozy coffee house, providing serene spaces for relaxation and socialization.

Highlights of PKS Town Central:

Proximity to Metro Stations: Strategically located with close proximity to metro stations, ensuring convenient access for consumers utilizing the metro for commuting.

Strategic Distance from Key Locations:

11 KM drive from Noida City Center.
2.5 KM drive from Gaur Chowk.
12 KM from Film City.

Heavy Footfall Assurance: Surrounded by a residential area hosting a substantial population of 5 lakh residents, PKS Town Central ensures a steady and substantial footfall.

Architectural Brilliance: Meticulously crafted shopping centers featuring international retail brands and a spacious food area, coupled with high-speed elevators, optimal lighting, and luxurious toilets, contribute to an unparalleled consumer experience.

Location and Advantages of PKS Town Central:

Prime Location: Situated at a prime location, the project ensures ample parking space for vehicles, making it convenient for visitors.

Accessibility to Amenities: The development is in close proximity to nearby bus stops, metro stations, banks, ATMs, hospitals, and various other amenities, further enhancing its accessibility.

PKS Town Central emerges as a beacon of commercial brilliance, providing a comprehensive and consumer-centric experience. With its strategic location, architectural finesse, and an array of amenities, it beckons both business enthusiasts and consumers alike, promising an exceptional journey into the world of retail and leisure. For more details on PKS Town Central, delve here.

2. Gaur World Street Mall

Gaurs World Street Mall built at a fantastic location in the Greater Noida West from the well-known Gaursons Group. The mall will allow the consumers to shop from international retail brands and is constructed to the international standards making the experience for families to buy and spend quality time. The mall also provides a large food area which will be the best in Delhi NCR, providing a variety of food items to everyone’s tastes. It also provides various amenities from wifi to parking, pool, 24 hour water supply, power backup, rain water harvesting, club house, security, restaurant, gym, sports, movie theatre, open space, ATM, a landscape park, and a coffee house to ensure all the requirements and needs of the consumers.

Commercial property Gaur World Street Mall

Highlights of Gaur World Street Mall

  • Close proximity to metro stations to make it more convenient for consumers travelling from Metro.
  • 11 KM drive from Noida City Center.
  • 2.5 KM drive from Gaur Chowk.
  • 12 KM from Film City.
  • 5 Lakh Residents in the nearby residentials areas ensure a heavy footfall.
  • Beautifully created and designed with various shopping centres consisting of international retail brands and a large food area.
  • It is equipped with high-speed elevators, good lighting, luxury toilets, and many other amenities to make the experience of the consumers comfortable and convenient. 

Location and Advantages of Gaur World Street Mall

  • Gaur Chowk comes around 2.5km
  • NH-9 comes around 7km.
  • NH-24, Sector-71 around 9km.
  • Provides great connectivity with the FNG Expressway, Ghaziabad, NH-24, Wave Center, Delhi and the rest of Greater Noida.
  • Located at a prime location ensuring ample parking space for vehicles.
  • The project is also close to nearby bus stops, metro stations, banks, ATMs, Hospitals, and many other amenities.

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3. Golden-I- Premium Office Space, Noida Extension Commercial Property

Located at Plot no.11 tech zone 4 Greater Noida West, Golden I Noida Extension is a 25-acre commercial IT development including retail stores and an office space. The assured return plan, which includes an Axis Bank guarantee up until possession and a guaranteed rental income after possession, is offered by Golden I Greater Noida West. Depending on one’s requirements, you can choose from 10 percent, 11 percent or 12 percent guaranteed return options. Equipped from amenities like 24/7 power supply, gym, ATM, indoor games, coffee house, parking, fire fighting, power backup, CCTV, sports, security, shopping arcade,24 hour water supply, open space, Landscape park, basketball and many more to give the residentials a whole new experience. The project is RERA registered, RERA reg. No: UPRERAPRJ6747.

Golden-I- Premium Office Space, Noida Extension commercial properties

Highlights of Golden-I

  • Facilitating the largest food court and amphitheatre.
  • Proposed metro station is within walking distance.
  • A large parking space to ensure the convenience of parking.
  • Spans around 25- acres township in the Greater Noida West.
  • Features IT/ITES offices, Corporate Suites, Residential apartments, Retail spaces, Office spaces, Premium Office Spaces and a large food court galleria.
  • Providing a wide range of retail outlets to give a whole new and unique experience of retailing under all one roof.
  • Offering personalised services and a very comfortable atmosphere.
  • Office Area- 12% assured return with Bank Guarantee till possession lease with A grade IT companies only.
  • Offering retail spaces and work spaces that are lockable and non-lockable.
  • Equipped with a big supermarket which can fit up to 19 retail shops, food court, bank shapes, restaurants and other facilities to be found in the spanning area of 25-acres.

Location and Advantages of Golden I Premium Office Space

  • Close proximity to Noida accounting for about 2 minute drive.
  • Kisan Chowk, a proposed metro station, is within walking distance.
  • IBM and R systems in direct competition.
  • National Highway 24 is also in close proximity to the project which comes around a 20 minute drive away ensuring the convenience to many cities,
  • 45 metre wide road facing independent shops to make it more unique.

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4. Galactic City, Knowledge Park 5, Greater Noida

The Galactic City is located at Greater Noida, Knowledge Park 5 which is fantastically designed and crafted. Galactic city offers solutions with excellent standards and reasonable prices to make the whole process even more comfortable and convenient. The project occupies a spanning space of one acre in total with 122 units on the site which is surrounded by an atmosphere of calmness. Due to this, this region of Noida Extension has become the best real estate. The project is also RERA registered for which the RERA reg. No is UPRERAPRJ15254. The possession date is by the end of August 2022. The project also offers a wide range of amenities from a basketball area, CCTV cameras, Club house, covered car parking area, gym area, play area, Rain water harvesting, security personnel, Early Learning centre, banks, atms, tennis court, swimming pool, gardens, library, mediation centre, business centre and many more.

Highlights of Galactic City

  • Constructed and crafted in such a manner to equip a central ventilation system to ensure smooth ventilation throughout the project.
  • To always ensure safety, a world class security management system and a security monitoring system.
  • To ensure the safety of vehicles a parking management system without facing any hassles for looking for a spot to park and comes with an automated parking.
  • Health is wealth and for this reason it also has smart healthcare monitoring.
  • In an energy consuming world, rain water harvesting is also done to save and sustain water resources.
  • For fitness lovers who love to commence through cycles it also comes with an underground cycle racks.
  • In the world of everything going digital it also offers online medical services. 
  • Efficient lighting design to make sure the resources are saved and sustained.
  • All equipment are maximum star- rated equipment to ensure no harm is caused by any equipment and also equipped with vehicle pulling systems.

Location and Advantages of Galactic City

  • Located at a prime location ensuring great connectivity to areas in Greater Noida around regions showed an increase in the property demand.
  • Surrounded by a Green belt and the city has wide roads, few red lights and a well-planned infrastructure.
  • Due to the planned city of Greater Noida it becomes a major region for Major investors for commercial and residential properties. Greater Noida is Asia’s only city which has plans for 30 years ahead.
  • Greater Noida also provides various facilities from transportation to entertainment making it a one spot for leisure and work.
  • Greater Noida Extension which is an area beyond Greater Noida will also soon see a large number of emerging business and projects ranging from commercial to residential.

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Conclusion about the Top Commercial Properties In Noida Extension

To sum up, Commercial Properties In Noida Extension has a wide range of commercial properties available for companies wishing to establish a presence there. Noida Extension has something to offer for every type of business from cutting-edge office premises to retail establishments. It’s the perfect place for businesses to start or expand and thrive which is thanks to the well-designed infrastructure and connections. There are many other possibilities in the city, however, the properties described in this article are among the top commercial properties in Greater Noida West. Businesses can locate the ideal property that satisfies their needs and advances their objectives with the right decision and investigation.

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