Galactic City, Knowledge Park 5, Greater Noida

Galactic City

Builders of Galactic City

Homes Connect Group has dedicated itself to being a quality service authority with foresight and a keen eye for perfection.
Homes Connect Developers has a great reputation in the Delhi and National Capital Region for enabling residential and commercial real estate infrastructure projects.

They have raised the bar in the real estate industry by trying to add incredible value to everything they do, going far beyond a simple transferring property or financial activities involving real estate. To its customers, the Homes Connect Developers brand represents confidence and faith. Homes Connect has become a name to be reckoned with in the real estate industry over the last ten years, with a definitive statement on the quality of work.

Their most recent project is Galactic City, Greater Noida’s FIRST Futuristic City (West). Your investment in this project is their pride, which they guard and improve with each step until completion. Their deep experience in developing and executing great real estate projects is your launch point to trust them with your money.

About Galactic City

The fabulous Galactic City is a very well-planned project in Knowledge Park 5, Greater Noida. Galactic City provides high-standard but low-cost options. The project takes up a total of one acre. The property has 122 units that are surrounded by a peaceful environment. This is why this area is the best property in Noida Extension. The project is Rera registered and its Rera Number is UPRERAPRJ15254.

It’s a brilliantly designed Commercial property that will undoubtedly impress you. The project is well-built, and all units are currently under construction. The project provides a diverse range of options to meet the needs of the residents. This project consists of one tower, which has been meticulously built. Also, the project begins on March 1, 2018. The possession date was February 1, 2022. However, during these tough conditions, they extended the possession date to the end of August 2022.

Galactic City Address

Plot No. 6, Noida – Greater Noida Rd, Knowledge Park V, Tusiana Village, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh is the address for this project. The required pin code for the project is 201307.

galactic city location

Reasons why you Should Invest in a Property in Greater Noida


    1. Excellent Connectivity

Greater Noida’s improved connectivity with neighboring regions has resulted in a significant increase in property demand.


    1. World-Class Infrastructure and Planning

Greater Noida is surrounded by a green belt, and this lovely city has wide roads, few red lights, and well-planned infrastructure. In addition, the city of Greater Noida has already planned infrastructure development for the next 30 years, considering all aspects. It holds the distinction of being Asia’s first city with such comprehensive long-term planning.


    1. A Destination for Major Investors

Most large investors believe that Greater Noida has a bright future for commercial and residential properties, which is why many of them have made significant investments here.


    1. Convenience And Entertainment Centers

Greater Noida provides all facilities for residents to live a leisurely life with all conveniences nearby.


    1. Greater Noida Expansion

Greater Noida Extension, the area beyond Greater Noida, will soon see a large number of new businesses and projects (both residential and commercial).

Site Layout

Phase 1 of the project is brilliantly designed. All the plots will have ample space for parking. They have different amenities which are mentioned later in the article.

galactic city site plan

Galactic City Floor Plan

The key to understanding the layout of the apartments and other areas is to look at the floor plans. Galactic City units are available for options and one-floor plan types. 305 square feet of commercial office space, bathrooms are well-equipped, and balconies allow easy ventilation. If you are looking for the best property in Noida, you got it!

galactic city floor plan

Galactic City Amenities

The Galactic City has all of the contemporary facilities and amenities, such as:


    1. Basket Ball Area

    1. CCTV Cameras

    1. Club House

    1. Covered Car Parking Area

    1. Gym Area

    1. Play Area

    1. Rain Water Harvesting

    1. Security Personnel

    1. Early Learning Centre

    1. Bank & ATM

    1. Tennis Court

    1. Swimming Pool

    1. Gardens

    1. Library And Business Centre

    1. Meditation Area

Specifications of Galactic City


    • Central ventilation system

    • Security management system

    • Security monitoring system

    • Parking management system

    • Smart healthcare monitoring

    • Rainwater harvesting

    • Efficient lighting design

    • Online medical services

    • Vehicle Pulling system

    • Maximum star-rated equipment

    • Underground cycle racks

    • Automated parking

Payment Plan

Below is the payment plan mentioned by Galactic City. There are two options available for the customers. You can choose between these two according to your comfort.

galactic city payment plan

Why to Invest in Galactic City?


    • Strategic Location: Galactic City is strategically situated in a prime area, offering excellent connectivity to key destinations and business centers.


    • Comprehensive Infrastructure: The project boasts modern infrastructure and amenities, catering to the needs of businesses and residents alike.


    • Mixed-Use Development: Galactic City’s mixed-use concept combines commercial, and recreational spaces, creating a dynamic and vibrant community.


    • Investment Potential: The project’s strategic location and versatile offerings make it a promising investment opportunity with potential for long-term growth.


    • Future Growth Prospects: Galactic City’s location in an emerging area indicates the potential for increased property values and rental demand over time.


    • Diverse Business Opportunities: The project offers a variety of commercial spaces suitable for retail, offices, and more, catering to a wide range of businesses.


    • Lifestyle and Convenience: The project’s comprehensive design includes retail spaces, entertainment options, and green spaces, enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors.


    • Developer Reputation: Investing in Galactic City provides the opportunity to associate with a reputable developer known for delivering quality projects.


    • Sustainability Focus: The project incorporates sustainable features and practices, aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly and responsible developments.


    • Community Engagement: Galactic City’s mixed-use concept encourages community interaction, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration among residents and businesses.


Galactic City stands as a beacon of modern urban development, offering a galaxy of opportunities for investors, and businesses alike. The project’s strategic location, comprehensive infrastructure, and mixed-use concept make it a compelling choice for those seeking a promising investment in a vibrant and dynamic community.

Galactic City’s potential for growth, combined with its diverse offerings, positions it as more than just a real estate venture—it’s a transformative experience. As a testament to innovation and forward-thinking, this development has the potential to reshape the urban landscape, enhance the quality of life, and foster economic prosperity.

Choosing to invest in Galactic City is not just about acquiring property; it’s about participating in the creation of a living, breathing ecosystem that offers convenience, connectivity, and a sense of belonging. The project’s commitment to sustainable practices further solidifies its role as a responsible investment choice for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What other projects are there near Galactic City?

Other popular projects near Galactic City include Cyber Business Center, Trehan Iris Broadway, Imperia Residency, Imperia H2O, and GNIDA Authority Plots. But Galactic City is the perfect area if you need for yourself the best property in Noida.

2. Where is Galactic City located?

The address of Galactic City is Plot No. 6, Noida – Greater Noida Rd, Knowledge Park V, Greater Noida, Tusiana Village, Uttar Pradesh, 201307.

3. Is it possible to get a copy of the floor plan for Galactic City?

Obtaining the Galactic City floor plan is a simple process. You can select one and download it straight from the project’s page, depending on the specific room configuration.

4. Can I get the Galactic City brochure in PDF format?

A flyer has all of the necessary information about the project. In the case of Galactic City, simply download the brochure PDF from the project’s page and view it in seconds. For your comfort, It is also available on our website as well.

5. Should investors put their money in Greater Noida?

Greater Noida is a great choice among homebuyers. Greater Noida is a planned city with excellent malls, colleges, healthcare facilities, and residential complexes, as well as a major corporate hub.

6. Which Greater Noida sector is the best?

Sector – 150, located on the Greater Noida – Noida Expressway, is the best location for homebuyers and investors.

7. What are the registration fees and stamp duty in Greater Noida?

In Greater Noida, the stamp duty for men, women, and joint property is 7%, and the registration fee is 1%.


Kindly click here to download the official Galactic City Brochure.

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