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Situated within the thriving expanse of Jaypee Wish Town in Sector 131, Noida, SVG Galleria stands as a beacon of promise in the realm of Commercial ventures. Spanning across a generous 1356 square meters of land, this newly launched project by the Shri Vinayaka Group presents a vibrant hub for retail shops. Its strategic positioning within this prime locale encapsulates the essence of a budding business landscape, offering a coveted location for growth and expansion. Surrounded by the convenience of 80-meter expressway roads, SVG Galleria beckons both Investors and end-users alike, positioning itself as an exceptional investment prospect and a functional space for aspiring businesses.

SVG Galleria isn’t merely a commercial space; it’s an opportunity poised at the heart of Sector 131, Noida. The project’s location within Jaypee Wishtown, coupled with its retail focus, showcases a promising avenue for budding enterprises and established businesses seeking expansion. With its proximity to expressway roads, this development strategically places itself as a convenient destination for both investors looking for promising ventures and end-users eager to establish their foothold in a rapidly evolving business landscape. As an emerging commercial hotspot, SVG Galleria presents itself as a canvas for success, inviting businesses to thrive in a dynamic environment tailored for growth and prosperity.

About the Builders of SVG Galleria

Shri Vinayaka Group stands tall as a visionary in the ever-evolving landscape of Delhi NCR’s real estate industry. With a steadfast commitment to redefining the essence of real estate development, this group is dedicated to crafting exemplary projects that not only meet the needs of today but also foresee and shape the demands of tomorrow. Their mission resonates with the creation of superior spaces that symbolize quality, innovation, and a progressive outlook towards the evolving market dynamics.

At the core of the Shri Vinayaka Group’s philosophy lies an unwavering dedication to excellence. This commitment reflects in their meticulous approach towards every project, aiming not just to meet but surpass customer expectations. With an ethos centered around delivering value for money, the group strives to create an enduring impact by ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction. They pride themselves on their comprehensive understanding of the diverse property-related needs of their clientele and go the extra mile to transform these needs into fulfilled aspirations. Through unwavering dedication and an unwavering focus on quality, the Shri Vinayaka Group emerges as a benchmark in the real estate domain, setting new standards of reliability, innovation, and customer-centricity.

About SVG Galleria

Introducing SVG Galleria, an enticing prospect for property investors seeking lucrative opportunities within Noida’s vibrant real estate landscape. Nestled in the heart of Sector 131, this newly launched commercial project emerges as a beacon for astute investors, offering a diverse array of Investment options tailored to suit various budgetary considerations. With a starting price of Rs. 1.15 Crores, SVG Galleria presents an enticing range of shops strategically designed to maximize visibility and capitalise on high footfalls, ensuring a promising avenue for substantial returns on investment.

Investing in SVG Galleria offers a gateway to a dynamic investment landscape, with properties available in multiple configurations, notably featuring shops spanning 175 sq.ft. This contemporary project doesn’t merely promise a strategic location in Sector 131; it embraces a forward-thinking approach, boasting modern facilities and amenities that redefine the standards of commercial ventures. Sector 131 stands distinguished, fostering a promising infrastructure and improving connectivity, distinguishing itself among Noida’s commercial zones.

The allure of SVG Galleria extends beyond its strategic location and varied investment options; it embodies versatility by catering to diverse budget ranges, making it an accessible choice for investors with different financial considerations. Moreover, the project offers an array of conveniences, including essential amenities such as ATM facilities, vigilant CCTV camera security, and reliable 24/7 power backup, enhancing the investment proposition and ensuring a seamless experience for occupants and investors alike. As an embodiment of contemporary commercial brilliance, SVG Galleria emerges as a compelling destination for those seeking not just a property investment but a gateway to thriving commercial success within Noida’s burgeoning landscape.

Highlights of SVG Galleria

  • Prime Location: Situated strategically with a 2-side open plot, this premium Hi-Street commercial project enjoys an advantageous position close to essential amenities such as a petrol pump and the reputed Jaypee Hospital, ensuring convenience and accessibility for both shoppers and business owners.
  • Vibrant Neighbourhood: Surrounded by a thriving community with thousands of ready-to-move-in apartments and plots nearby, the project offers a promising environment for a bustling commercial hub, potentially attracting a steady flow of customers and enhancing business prospects.
  • Capital Appreciation Potential: With the scope for significant capital appreciation, the project presents an enticing Investment opportunity for prospective buyers, ensuring a favourable return on investment over time.
  • Prominent Frontage: All shops open onto the main road, ensuring maximum visibility and continuous exposure to potential customers, providing a 24×7 running frontage that caters to the needs of businesses and customers alike.
  • Low Maintenance, Flexible Payment: Offering the advantage of low maintenance coupled with a flexible payment plan, this project provides convenience and ease for business owners, enabling them to manage their overheads efficiently.
  • Ample Parking Facilities: Providing ample car parking spaces, the project prioritises convenience for visitors and customers, ensuring a hassle-free experience and encouraging footfall, an essential aspect for any thriving commercial establishment.

Location of SVG Galleria and its advantages

  • Central Noida Hub: Situated in the heart of Central Noida, this location offers unparalleled connectivity and accessibility to key areas within the city, making it an ideal destination for businesses seeking a central and well-connected spot for commercial activities.
  • Strategic Main Road Position: The project stands prominently on the main road of Jaypee Wish Town in Sector-131, ensuring maximum visibility and exposure for businesses. This prime placement is advantageous for attracting a continuous stream of potential customers.
  • Proximity to Noida Expressway: With a mere 500 meters from the Noida Expressway, the project enjoys swift access to a major transportation artery, facilitating seamless travel and connectivity to different parts of Noida and beyond.
  • Close to Key Healthcare Facilities: Being just 200 meters away from the renowned Jaypee Hospital in Noida, the location ensures easy access to quality healthcare services, a significant factor for both residents and businesses.
  • Surrounded by Residential and IT Hubs: Positioned amidst posh group housing, IT hubs, and JP Green Kothies, the project benefits from its proximity to thriving residential areas and corporate zones, attracting a diverse and substantial consumer base.
  • Central to a Large Population: With its strategic placement in Wish Town Noida, the project enjoys centrality to a population exceeding 500,000, offering a vast and diverse market for commercial ventures.
  • Future Connectivity Prospects: The proposed connectivity to Faridabad enhances the project’s prospects for future growth and accessibility, potentially expanding its customer reach and business opportunities.

Amenities of SVG Galleria

  • Ample Car Parking: The provision of ample parking space ensures convenience for visitors, allowing hassle-free access and ease of parking, a significant advantage for businesses expecting a steady flow of customers.
  • Exclusive Retail and Restaurant & Food Court: The project presents an exclusive retail space coupled with a restaurant and food court, catering to diverse consumer preferences.
  • 24×7 Running Road: The continuous activity on the road ensures high visibility and exposure for businesses.
  • Low Maintenance: The promise of low maintenance implies cost-effectiveness for businesses, reducing operational overheads and allowing establishments to focus resources on growth and customer experience enhancement.
  • Flexible Payment Plan: The provision of a flexible payment plan offers convenience and financial feasibility to potential buyers or lessees, facilitating easy access to premium commercial spaces.
  • Escalator Access for Retail: The inclusion of escalator access for retail spaces ensures easy accessibility for customers across different levels, enhancing convenience and enabling seamless movement within the premises.
  • Retail Spaces: These spaces cater to various retail ventures, offering a platform for businesses to showcase their products or services in a vibrant and high-traffic environment.
  • Fine Dining: The presence of fine dining establishments provides a sophisticated culinary experience, attracting patrons looking for premium dining options and contributing to the project’s upscale ambiance.
  • GYM: The inclusion of a gym promotes a healthy lifestyle for the community.
  • Jewellery, ATM, Doctor Clinic, and Pharmacy: The availability of essential services such as jewellery stores, ATMs, medical clinics, and pharmacies ensures the convenience of patrons.
  • Gaming, Bakery, Grocery, and Stationary: These amenities add to the project’s appeal by offering recreational options like gaming areas, essential services.
  • Food Court: The food court provides a diverse range of culinary options, making it a go-to destination for patrons seeking multiple dining choices, further enhancing the project’s appeal and vibrancy.


SVG Galleria in Sector 131, Jaypee Wish Town, Noida, is a premium commercial venture by Shri Vinayaka Group. It offers lucrative investment options starting at Rs. 1.15 Crores, strategically positioned for businesses to thrive. This Hi-Street project presents an array of amenities, including ample parking, a diverse retail and dining experience, and facilities like gyms and pharmacies. With a prime location near major expressways, healthcare centres, and bustling hubs, SVG Galleria promises high visibility and potential for Substantial Returns On investment. It’s an epitome of modern commercial brilliance, inviting businesses to prosper in a vibrant and dynamic environment.

FAQs :

1. What is the starting price range for investment options at SVG Galleria?

Investment options at SVG Galleria start from Rs. 1.15 Crores onwards, offering various shop configurations catering to different budgetary considerations.

2. What are the primary advantages of the location of SVG Galleria in Sector 131, Noida?

Situated within Jaypee Wish Town, SVG Galleria enjoys strategic proximity to major expressways, hospitals like Jaypee Hospital, and a burgeoning residential and IT hub. Its central location amid a substantial population base offers promising potential for businesses.

3. What amenities are available at SVG Galleria?

SVG Galleria offers ample car parking, a diverse range of retail and dining experiences, fitness facilities, essential services such as pharmacies and ATMs, and recreational options like gaming centers and food courts.

4. How does SVG Galleria ensure high visibility for businesses?

All shops at SVG Galleria open onto the main road, providing a 24×7 running frontage, ensuring maximum visibility, and continuous exposure to potential customers.

5. Are there flexible payment plans available for investors or lessees?

Yes, SVG Galleria offers flexible payment plans, providing convenience and financial feasibility to potential buyers or lessees, and facilitating easy access to premium commercial spaces.

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