Investing in Residential Property Near Jewar Airport

Residential Property Near Jewar Airport

In the heart of Uttar Pradesh, a transformational project is taking shape — the Jewar Airport, also known as Noida International Airport. Poised to become a game-changer for the National Capital Region (NCR), this international airport, located near Jewar in the Gautam Buddha Nagar District, is set to redefine the region’s real estate landscape. In this article, we explore the strategic advantages of Investing in residential properties near the Jewar Airport, backed by credible information on its construction and potential impact.

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Key Project Details

Scheduled for operational readiness by September 2024, Jewar Airport is on the path to becoming the largest airport in India, offering an enticing alternative to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. With an impressive six runways and comprehensive connectivity, the airport is designed to serve as a pivotal hub for domestic and international travel.

Financial Commitment and Phases

The sheer scale of Jewar Airport is reflected in its estimated project cost of Rs 29,650 crores. This monumental undertaking is divided into four construction phases, with Phase 1 alone accounting for an estimated cost of Rs 5730 crores. What sets this project apart is the strategic financial collaboration: the Uttar Pradesh government is committed to funding 50% of the venture, while the Centre contributes 20%, and the remaining 30% is shouldered by Yeida.

Funding Dynamics – A Tripartite Collaboration

The financial backbone of this colossal venture rests on a tripartite collaboration. The Uttar Pradesh government, recognizing the regional and national significance of Jewar Airport, is committed to funding 50% of the project. Concurrently, the central government pledges 20%, while the remaining 30% is shouldered by the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (Yeida). This unique partnership underscores the collective commitment to the airport’s success, making it a secure and promising Investment prospect.

Investment Insights – Why Jewar Airport’s Vicinity is Prime Real Estate

Residential Property Near Jewar Airport
  1. Strategic Location – Beyond the airport’s grandeur, the location near Jewar is strategically chosen, ensuring seamless connectivity to the NCR and beyond. This strategic advantage enhances the region’s overall appeal for both residents and Investors.
  2. Projected Economic Impact – As Jewar Airport takes flight, it is expected to catalyze economic growth in the region. The subsequent surge in demand for residential properties is poised to create a robust real estate market, making it an opportune time to invest.
  3. Futuristic Living – The residential properties near Jewar Airport are not just investments; they are gateways to a futuristic lifestyle. With world-class amenities, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities planned, residents can expect a holistic living experience.


The rise of Jewar Airport marks a paradigm shift in the real estate landscape of the NCR. As it emerges as an alternative aviation gateway, the surrounding areas are destined to witness unprecedented growth and development. For Investors seeking not only financial returns but a stake in the future of modern living, residential properties near Jewar Airport stand as beacons of opportunity. As the countdown to September 2024 begins, now is the time to invest in the promise of a lifestyle that transcends expectations.

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