CRC Group Aims for Rs 1,200 Crore Revenues from Innovative Commercial Projects in Noida

Prepare to be dazzled by a visionary real estate venture! CRC Group is set to conquer new horizons in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, with a cutting-edge Commercial projects in Noida that promises not just to raise the bar but shatter it!

With 11 sprawling acres of prime land nestled in Sector 140 A, Noida, CRC Group is all set to craft a Grade-A integrated IT/ITeS wonderland. Picture this: a staggering 24 lakh square feet of architectural brilliance that will soon redefine the skyline. This is no ordinary development; it’s a masterpiece in the making.

CRC Group’s Founder and CEO, the trailblazing Kunal Bhalla, has unveiled the grand vision. Brace yourself for 12 lakh square feet of top-notch office spaces, 4 lakh square feet of vibrant retail space, and a selection of 102 luxurious service apartments. It’s a symphony of innovation and style, ready to transform the landscape.

But what sets this venture apart is not just its grandeur. It’s the promise of Rs 1,200 crore in revenues, a testament to CRC Group’s unwavering commitment to excellence. The project cost? A mere Rs 750-800 crore, a small price for what is bound to be a real estate jewel.

Wait, there’s more! The service apartments will be managed by the best in the business, ensuring a truly premium experience for residents and visitors alike. In Noida’s bustling real estate market, demand for Grade-A office space is soaring, and CRC Group is poised to fulfill this need with style and substance.

This isn’t the first triumph for CRC Group. They’ve already delivered two outstanding housing projects in Delhi-NCR, comprising 1,200 units, at a cost of nearly Rs 500 crore. But this Noida venture is on a whole different level, a testament to their commitment to pushing boundaries and creating the future.

So, get ready to witness Commercial projects in Noida that are not just about real estate; it’s about reimagining lifestyles and possibilities. CRC Group is here to redefine luxury and innovation, and the future looks incredibly bright.

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Commercial Projects in Noida

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