Renowned Renox Sector 10 Noida Extension – Luxurious Project

Renowned Renox Sector 10 Noida Extension

Renowned Renox Noida Extension, a real-estate gem and one of the most luxurious residential projects in Noida Extension is waiting for you with its lavish and breathtaking amenities. Renowned Group with its rich legacy and expertise, crafting another successful and spacious project on the land of Noida. Renox is an excellent example of a brilliant architectural design that offers 3 & 4 BHK apartments with quick connectivity to major hubs and top-tier amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, gardens, entertainment zones, and much more. In this blog, we will take a deep dive to explore almost everything about Renowned Renox in Noida Extension, projects, builders, locations, and amenities.

About the Builders of Renowned Renox

Before exploring the project, let’s have a look at the group that is carving the luxurious Renox in the middle of extreme greenery and relaxing surroundings. Renowned Group is well-known for its extremely successful and breathtaking residential projects in India that provide world-class amenities, modern designs, and comfort. With its high-quality designs and innovations, India’s best developer “Renowned Group” is creating legacy project-by-project. The group is setting new benchmarks in the real estate industry by creating top-notch innovations and quality designs. Building trust and reliability is the priority to create the legacy and Renowned Group is following the same principles. 

Renowned Group has successfully built many residential as well as commercial projects. That showcases their expertise in the industry for constructing and developing extreme projects. The newly invented devices and technology are at their peak, and Renowned Group is taking perfect advantage of the same by investing in new equipment and devices to ensure proper safety and industry standards. Renowned Group has earned many awards and recognitions for delivering top-tier real-estate projects that motivate them to work consistently on the quality of their projects.

About the Renowned Renox Project

Renowned Renox Project

Renox is an elegant residential project in the land of Noida Extension built by Renowned Group, which offers extreme luxury and lifestyle comfort. This well-crafted project gives you a chance to live in a fabulous 3 & 4 BHK apartment. That provides the best relaxing environment, and amenities. The apartment includes a modular kitchen to showcase your cooking skills and enjoy a new dish every day. It offers you the only site in Noida which is open from 3 sides.

Renox is an opulence site that promotes high-standard modern living in an excellent architectural design. And completes unique needs and requirements for the residents as well as businesses. Renowned Renox Noida Extension can be your single destination of convenience that makes you feel like a paradise. Residing in the center of Noida Extension opens the door to many nearby locations. That provides you with easy connectivity to major cities and metros. If you are looking for a perfect space for living in Noida. Then you don’t have to think twice about Renox which fulfills all your necessities for an easy living. 

Renowned Renox is crafting a masterpiece in Noida Extension that offers the finest amenities and services to ensure better living for people and reliable work environments for businesses.

This site is a little bit different from all other properties in Noida Extension and this is the only reason that it is special. This site is a 3 sided open project which is the only available residential apartment in Noida.

Highlights of the Renowned Renox Project

Highlights of the Renowned Renox

Renox Noida Extension is the best place for your complete family. It opens doors and gives you direct access to the educational institutes for your child, and world-class hospitals for any emergency. The site is open from 3 sides which gives you breathtaking views of the area due to full-glass elevation apartments. Renowned Renox apartments offer you elegant and deluxe amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, spa, shopping mall, and many other lavish facilities. 

Renox’s strategic location gives you a golden opportunity to set up your business it gives direct access to business parks and corporate hubs. Whether you are looking to open a new business or expand as a brand chain, it fulfills all your needs. The site is getting famous day by day and it’s pretty obvious that the footfall on the site is going to increase rapidly in the future. 

Are you worried and having any doubt in your mind related to the safety and security of residents? Then, there is no need to worry as it provides 24×7 security under CCTV surveillance and takes 100% responsibility for its valuable residents. Every resident and visitor in Renox has enough and the most convenient parking facility that ensures completely stress-free parking without any hassle.

Here are some key highlights of the Renowned Renox:

  • Brilliant Architectural Design
  • Rich-Looking Working Space and Tapestry of Living
  • Best Strategic Locations for Easy and Quick Connectivity to major cities, business hubs, hospitals, etc.
  • World Class Amenities
  • Eco-Friendly Environment, Gardens, Walking and Running Tracks
  • Tennis, Badminton & Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Centre, Gym, and Yoga Centre
  • Clubhouse
  • 24×7 CCTV Surveillance and Security Service
  • 100% Water Supply and Complete Power Backup
  • All Indoor Games Facility

Location of Renowned Renox and Its Advantages

Renox is a masterpiece in itself and it promotes an extremely luxurious and dynamic lifestyle. The site location is Sector 10 Noida, which is very versatile location and gives direct connectivity to business hubs and educational institutions. That also provides a gateway to lots of opportunities. Renowned Renox is situated in the heart of the city which is the prime location. This single site directly connects you with major cities, transportation hubs, and business districts. All these commuting and transportation facilities make your daily life easy and simple. 

It’s not wrong to call it an Educational Paradise as it opens direct gates to many esteemed educational institutes. Also, many people prefer to reside near healthcare facilities and hospitals which gives them quick and easy access to these places in case of an emergency. Renox offers you diverse shopping and entertainment options and you can call it a wonderland. You can spend your leisure time shopping or at entertainment hubs. You can choose your favorite things to purchase from your wishlist or watching the latest movie or series at an entertainment hub. Renox will not let you down to make your entertainment and shopping experience memorable by giving you easy connectivity to all these places in no time. 

Talking about the advantages of Renowned Renox, it offers plenty of advantages that allow you to live an extraordinary and luxurious lifestyle. It gives you unmatched convenience by fulfilling all your needs in a single place that no one offers. Have you ever heard about the versatility of living and working? If not, then it’s worth buying a home for yourself in Renowned Renox in Noida Extension.

  • Natural Harmony
  • Eco-Friendliness
  • Safety and Security Assurance
  • Future-Based Infrastructure
  • Active Social Environment and Vibrant Living
  • Versatile Life and Work Spaces
  • Unmatched Convenience

Amenities of the Renowned Renox Project

Amenities of Renowned Renox

Renowned Group designed this project in a completely outstanding manner as it is the only available site that offers 3 sides open which makes your daily commute much easier. This helps you reach your destinations quickly and easily without any hassle. Renox in Noida Extension is offering people 3 and 4-BHK flats and apartments with plenty of amenities that make it worth investing in the project. Residents in Renox get a luxurious treatment by getting an Amphitheatre, Gymnasium, Shopping, Visitor Parking, Street Light, Basket Ball Court, and many other elegant amenities to make your lifestyle easy and better. Here is a list of Amenities of the project a resident will experience:

  • Club House
  • CCTV Camera
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Gymnasium
  • Hospital
  • Jogging and Strolling Tracks
  • Kids Play Area
  • Landspace Garden
  • Meditation Area
  • Only Available Site in Noida with 3 Sides Open
  • Reserved Parking
  • School
  • Security
  • Visitor Parking
  • Vastu-Based Design
  • Water Storage
  • Basket Ball
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Street Lighting
  • Shopping Complex
  • Amphitheatre


Renowned Renox in Noida Extension is not just a place or apartment, it’s kind of a lifestyle upgrade that gives you intense relaxation and calmness with extreme luxury. Whether you are looking for a commercial space or a residential area, this place is designed to suit everyone’s living and working lifestyle. This project is a masterpiece that offers more than your expectations. It gives you the option to live freely without any stress or hassle. The quality and innovation of Renox are all top-notch and showcase its excellent architectural design. Every single apartment on every floor is designed in a completely different style that follows the proper Vastu-Shastra. 

Every home in Renox has a Vastu-based design that gives extreme positivity, good luck, and calmness to you and your family. These luxurious apartments cover an area of 719 – 2644 sq. ft. area for its 3 and 4 BHK apartments and flats. It is currently an ongoing project with lavish amenities and a lifestyle that makes you feel like heaven. It also offers a private balcony that will help you capture all the good things in your phone with a mesmerizing background and scenery from your balcony. If you prefer quality over anything then you don’t have to think twice before shifting to Renox. Renowned Renox is a gateway of endless golden opportunities and a comfortable yet luxurious lifestyle situated in the center of Noida Extension. 


1. What makes Renowned Renox stand out from other projects in the area?

Renowned Renox offers complete luxury and comfort that suits best every lifestyle. It’s the only site available in Noida with 3 sides open, a gateway to many major cities, and different vasu-based flat designs on every floor.

2. Is there any nearby metro station to Renowned Renox in Noida Extension?

Yes, there are various metro stations close to the site and other commute and transportation that offer easy and quick access to many business hubs and cities.

3. Is Renowned Renox Noida Extension the best option for commercial investment or not?

Renowned Renox is one of the most luxurious properties and projects of Renowned Group and you can call it a masterpiece. It gives easy access to many major cities nearby because 3 sides are open, the only available site for this. It offers a handful of rich amenities more than your expectations. So, it will be a better choice for anyone looking to Invest as a commercial investment.

Download Renowned Renox Brochure

Kindly click here to download the E-Brochure of Renowned Renox. It contains all the information about the project including the Price List, Site Plan, Floor Plan, Etc.

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