Noida Authority Plot Scheme 2024: Things you should know

Exploring opportunities in Greater Noida’s real estate landscape? Dive into the details of the Noida Authority Plot Scheme 2024, a strategic move by the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) to fuel commercial development in the region. Discover essential insights about this lucrative scheme tailored for investors eyeing prime commercial plots in Greater Noida.

Location and Plot Size:

Venturing across six sectors of Greater Noida, the scheme unveils an array of prime commercial plots, including Greater Noida Authority Plot Scheme 2024 offerings. Sectors 10, 12, Delta 2, Ecotech 12, Alpha 2, and Techzone beckon with strategic locations, promising connectivity to major arteries like the Yamuna Expressway and the Eastern Peripheral Expressway. Notably, these sectors are poised to benefit from upcoming infrastructural marvels such as the proposed Film City and the eagerly anticipated Noida International Airport in Jewar. Ranging from 2,313 to 12,000 square meters, these plots present a diverse canvas for commercial ventures.

A FAR of 4:

Marking a significant departure from past norms, the Noida Authority Plot Scheme 2024 introduces commercial plots with a Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 4, amplifying development prospects. Traditionally capped at 3.75, this enhancement empowers investors to harness 400 percent of the plot area, facilitating the construction of towering commercial edifices. This progressive move unlocks new horizons for high-rise developments and expansive commercial endeavors in Greater Noida.


Navigating the spectrum of commercial plots, the pricing spectrum ranges from Rs 67,000 to Rs 86,000 per square meter, contingent upon the plot’s sectoral positioning. The Greater Noida Authority Plot Scheme 2024 unfolds a spectrum of pricing options tailored to diverse investor preferences and budgetary considerations.

Allotment and Payment Plan:

Embracing technological innovation, the allotment process adopts an e-auction mechanism, fostering transparency and efficiency. Aspiring bidders are required to furnish 10 percent of the plot’s reserved price as registration fees, initiating their journey toward securing a coveted commercial plot. Post allotment, investors can opt for a flexible payment plan, spanning 90 days with an enticing 2 percent rebate or spreading over three years with six equal half-yearly installments.

Usage Guidelines:

Envisioning a dynamic commercial ecosystem, the GNIDA restricts plot utilization to commercial activities exclusively. From opulent shopping malls to vibrant hotels, bustling offices to eclectic showrooms, these plots serve as canvases for diverse commercial ventures. Emphasizing convenience, these commercial hubs are poised to cater to the daily needs of sector residents, fostering community-centric commercialization.

Embark on a transformative journey in Greater Noida’s commercial landscape with the Noida Authority Plot Scheme 2024. Seize the opportunity to sculpt your commercial vision amidst the burgeoning opportunities of Greater Noida’s vibrant economic milieu. Elevate your investment portfolio with strategic acquisitions in Greater Noida’s commercial plot scheme, setting the stage for enduring prosperity and growth.

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