Greater Noida’s Vision: Master Plan 2041 Nears Finalization

Greater Noida

The Master Plan 2041 for Greater Noida, outlining the development roadmap for this bustling industrial town, is on the brink of completion. Officials from the Greater Noida authority have confirmed that they are in the final stages of preparing this ambitious plan, geared towards accommodating an estimated population of 4.74 million residents by the year 2041.

Population Growth and Expansion

To provide context, it’s worth noting that Greater Noida has witnessed substantial population growth over the past decade. In 2011, it was home to 660,000 people, a number that swelled to 1,273,800 by 2021. The draft Master Plan 2041, approved by the Greater Noida Authority Board on August 12, envisions accommodating nearly 4.74 million residents by 2041, necessitating substantial development.

Addressing Public Input

Before finalizing the Master Plan 2041, the authority is diligently addressing objections and suggestions voiced by the general public during the notification process. Within a month, the Master Plan is expected to receive its finishing touches, clearing the way for further expansion of this industrial town nestled between Noida and the Delhi-Kolkata railway line.

A Look Back at Greater Noida’s History

Established in 1992 on a vast expanse of 31,591 hectares of agricultural land by the Uttar Pradesh government, Greater Noida is significantly larger than Noida. Unlike Noida, Greater Noida still has some industrial land available for development. However, this industrial town’s potential has its limits, prompting the approval of Master Plan 2041, which will add an additional 39,733.09 hectares to its footprint.

Expanding Beyond Greater Noida

This expansion is set to occur in the vicinity of Dadri, situated between the Delhi-Kolkata railway line and Hapur-Bulandshahr road near Golaothi town. Once the authorities have addressed all technical objections and suggestions, they will submit the development blueprint to the Uttar Pradesh government for final approval. Subsequently, land acquisition will commence, heralding the initiation of this expansive project that will spill over into neighboring Bulandshahr.

Changes in Land Allocation

Comparing the old and new master plans, it becomes evident that the allocation of land has undergone significant changes. The draft Master Plan 2041 allocates a smaller portion, 17.4% of the total area, for residential use, down from 22.4% in the 2021 plan. Conversely, the authorities have earmarked a more substantial portion, representing 25.4% of the 39,733.09 hectares, for industrial use, signifying a significant increase compared to the 18% allocation in the 2021 master plan.

Impact on Green Spaces

However, the focus on green spaces has diminished in the 2041 draft master plan, with only 18.5% of the land designated for recreational green areas, down from 22.36% in the previous plan.

Public Participation

Residents interested in obtaining a copy of the draft master plan can access it at the main administrative building in Knowledge Park-4, Greater Noida, or through the official portal https://www.greaternoidaauthority. Furthermore, we encourage residents to submit their objections and suggestions to by October 20th.

A Paradigm Shift for Greater Noida

An official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, highlighted the significance of the Master Plan 2041. It embraces a transit-oriented development (TOD) approach, aiming to bring people and jobs closer to mass transit systems. This strategic shift is expected to boost public transit ridership, reduce vehicular congestion and emissions, and enhance long-term convenience for residents.

Towards a Sustainable Future

The Master Plan 2041 also emphasizes green building practices and environmental conservation, aligning with modern sustainability goals. It represents a shift from monofunctional land use planning to a mix of multifunctional land uses, fostering both vertical and horizontal mixing within identified areas.

Greater Noida’s journey toward 2041 promises not only expansive growth but also a reimagining of urban planning to meet the needs of its burgeoning population while preserving the environment.

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