Golden Grande Greater Noida Techzone 4

Golden Grande Greater Noida Techzone 4

Ashrai’s Golden Grande is a Commercial project situated at Plot No 19, Tech Zone IV, Greater Noida W Rd, Gautam Budh Nagar, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, this sprawling project, spanning 5 acres, is a promising commercial venture. Launched on April 23, it’s currently Under Construction, set to transform into a bustling space by December 2024. Priced between ₹5200 to ₹24667 per sqft and Shops. Strategically situated with the pin code 201009, this commercial haven caters to diverse business needs.

With modern amenities, strategic location, and diverse investment options, the Golden Grande rises as a promising Investment for professionals across different budget ranges. However, this establishment is concerned with more than just pleasure and cuisine. There is a backup power system, a stable water supply, and safety elements like as security and emergency alarms to keep everything going smoothly. It’s also environmentally sustainable, with features like rainwater harvesting and green spaces. Investors and Buyers can anticipate a vibrant and functional commercial hub with varied property options to suit their entrepreneurial aspirations.

About the Builders of Golden Grande

Builders of Golden Grande

Ashrai Group with 23 years of experience, has made a dent in the real estate landscape, operating primarily in Greater Noida. While their completed projects stand at one, they currently have no ongoing projects. They have a wealth of experience that underlines their commitment to delivering quality real estate solutions in the Greater Noida region. As a professional player in the industry, Ashrai Group brings a legacy of expertise to its projects, reflecting a dedication to excellence in every endeavor.

According to our research regarding this project, we didn’t find something fishy or suspicious regarding this builder’s group, Going with this property might be a good option, also Golden Grande is their first-ever project so, we also don’t have data about their past history. So, Kindly do a thorough on-ground research about this builder’s group and then go for the investment into this property.

About the Golden Grande Project

Ashrai Golden Grande in Techzone 4 Greater Noida West is an under-construction commercial project that is expected to be released for possession in Dec 2024.

The office price starts from ₹ 30 L. It means you have only one option for Investment into this project. The built-up area of the offices that are 550 sq.ft. or 51.1 sq.m. in size are priced at ₹30 L Onwards whereas the offices that are 650 sq. ft. or 60.39 sq.m. in size are priced at ₹35.46 L Onwards. The land is spread across 12.63 acres with 1686 units, Ashrai Golden Grande provides varied configurations. Ready-to-move office spaces start at 300 sq.ft., bare shell offices at 550 sq.ft., and shops at 500 sq. ft. This project also offers co-working office spaces covering 40,00,000 sq. ft. 

So if you are searching for ready-to-move office spaces, bare-shell offices, or shops for Property investment in Greater Noida then Ashrai Golden Grande, is a good option to consider in Techzone 4 Greater Noida West, also it might be the perfect fit. This project with a lot of maximum visibility and high footfalls, is ideal for those seeking lucrative returns on investment. This project comprises 750 units across 2 towers, offering a range of Office Spaces. The RERA ID of Ashrai Golden Grande is UPRERAPRJ301910 making it a trustworthy and reliable project to invest in. Let’s discuss how this project is unique to the other options available in Greater Noida.

Highlights of the Golden Grande project

  • Building for IT/ITES with high efficiency.
  • Energy efficiency in accordance with IGBC standards.
  • Fire safety systems are in accordance with fire safety standards.

Location of Golden Grande and its Advantages

Location of Golden Grande

The project is located in Greater Noida and it is a fast-rising city in Uttar Pradesh, some 40 kilometers southeast of New Delhi. Its strategic location as part of the National Capital Region (NCR) has enabled strong access to Delhi via well-developed transportation networks, including expressways. Greater Noida is known for its precise urban design, which includes broad streets, green areas, and a mix of residential, business, and industrial zones. This has grown as an educational hub with prestigious institutions, as well as a thriving industrial area with international corporations. The existence of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and the Yamuna Expressway has boosted economic growth and made it an appealing destination for both inhabitants and Investors. Green spaces, recreational amenities, and modern infrastructure are priorities for the city. So, let’s discuss which are the major landmarks near this location.

Nearby City Connections are:

  • Amrapali Dream Valley is at a distance of 1.32 KM 
  • ICICI Bank, Bhangel is at a distance of 1.67 KM 
  • Ek Murti Buddha Chowk Noida extension is at a distance of 1.71 KM 

Nearby Hotels are:

  • The Gaurs Sarovar Portico, Greater Noida West is at a distance of 1.60 KM 
  • Crowne Plaza Greater Noida, Malakpur is at a distance of 9.95 KM 
  • C Inn GN Surajpur is at a distance of 10.20 KM 

Shopping and Grocery Shops:

  • D Mart Grocery Store, Amrapali Dream Valley  is at a distance of 0.59 KM 
  • Gaur City Mall, Greater Noida West is at a distance of 1.01 KM 
  • Icon Leisure Valley, Amrapali Leisure Valley is at a distance of 1.26 KM 

Some Additional Advantages of Location

Healthcare Centres Nearby:

  • Amrapali Nursing Home is at a distance of 0.96 KM 
  • Kashvi Multispeciality Center, Amrapali Dream Valley is at a distance of 1.20 KM 
  • Yatharth Hospital, Sector 2 is at a distance of 2.80 KM 

Nearby Business Hubs Available:

  • Incuspaze Noida Campus, Greater Noida West is at a distance of 6.04 KM 
  • NSPL GN Surajpur is at a distance of 11.41 KM
  • Moser Baer India Ltd GN Surajpur is at a distance of 11.85 KM 

Nearby Schools Available:

  • Lotus Valley International School, Amrapali Leisure Valley is at a distance of 0.35 KM 
  • St Xaviers High School, Amrapali Dream Valley is at a distance of  0.37 KM 
  • Euro Kids Preschool Greater Noida West, Amrapali Leisure Valley is at a distance of 1.12 KM 

Amenities of Golden Grande Project

Amenities of Golden Grande
  • Snooker/Pool/Billiards: A recreational haven, fostering social bonds among residents, providing a space for leisure and friendly competition, contributing to a vibrant and connected community atmosphere.
  • Convenience: Essential for residents, ensuring daily needs are met effortlessly within the community, offering a seamless and efficient lifestyle.
  • Power Backup: Critical for uninterrupted living, providing residents with a reliable power source during outages, ensuring continuous access to essential services and amenities.
  • Restaurant: Enhances the community living experience, offering residents a convenient dining option within the premises, promoting social interactions and culinary convenience.
  • AC Waiting Lobby: Adds comfort to waiting areas, ensuring residents and visitors experience a pleasant environment while waiting, elevating the overall ambiance.
  • High-Speed Elevators: A crucial element for vertical mobility, reducing wait times and providing swift access to different floors.
  • High-Speed Escalators: Facilitate quick and efficient movement between levels, adding to the accessibility and convenience of the community’s vertical spaces.
  • 24*7 Water Supply: Ensures a constant and reliable water source, addressing residents’ basic needs and providing a sense of security and convenience.
  • Separate Entry/Exit Gates: Contributes to security and traffic management, enhancing safety and providing a structured and organized entry and exit system.
  • Service Elevators: Designed for practicality, facilitating the movement of goods and services, ensuring efficient delivery and maintenance operations within the community.
  • ATMs: Offers financial convenience, providing residents with easy access to banking services within the community, saving time and adding to overall convenience.
  • Safety: Paramount for resident well-being, comprising 24/7 security, CCTV surveillance, fire-fighting systems, and emergency alarms, ensuring a secure living environment.
  • Cafe/Coffee Bar: Enhances social spaces, providing residents with a cozy spot for casual gatherings, and fostering a sense of community and relaxation.
  • Conference Room: Supports professional and community meetings, offering a dedicated space for discussions, and presentations.


On a concluding note, Golden Grande is a commercial project with a concept similar to a cool community center where individuals can live their best lives. It offers office spaces of two different sizes starting from ₹ 30 L onwards.  It has fantastic gaming rooms for Snooker, Pool, and Billiards, where everyone can have fun and meet new people. Imagine having everything you need right in your neighborhood: a restaurant for delicious meals, ATMs for quick cash, and even a hypermarket and food court for shopping and eating all in one location.

The construction was taken over by the Ashrai Group of builders who have 23 years of experience in this real-estate industry. The location of this project is in Greater Noida which is known as the Business Hub and SEZs. So, with this information, you can see whether this project suits your requirements or not. For more information contact Lets Digg. 


Q1. What is the RERA number of Golden Grande?

Ans: The RERA number for Golden Grande is UPRERAPRJ301910|-1, easily accessible on the official RERA website.

Q2. Which are other commercial projects by Ashrai Group in Greater Noida?

Ans: Ashrai Group’s notable commercial projects in Greater Noida include Vardhman SNG Plaza, Smart Villas, Coco County, Designarch eHomes, and Migsun Vasant Vihar, offering diverse configurations.

Q3. Where is Golden Grande in Greater Noida?

Ans: Golden Grande is situated at Plot No 19, Tech Zone IV, Greater Noida W Rd, Gautam Budh Nagar, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and well-connected to major transportation routes and highways.

Q4. Where can I download the brochure PDF of Golden Grande?

Ans: You can easily download the Golden Grande brochure from the project page, which provides comprehensive details on amenities, facilities, and the surrounding area.

Q5. What is the address of Golden Grande?

Ans: The address of Golden Grande is Plot No 19, Tech Zone IV, Greater Noida W Rd, Gautam Budh Nagar, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201009.

Q6. What are the property types in Golden Grande?

Ans: Golden Grande offers diverse property types, including Commercial Office Space and commercial Shops. And offices in IT Park/ SEZ, catering to various needs.

Q7. Where can I download the floor plan of the Golden Grande project?

Ans: You can download the Golden Grande floor plan from the provided link, offering insights into the project’s layout and design.

Q10. What are other residential projects near Golden Grande?

Ans: Nearby residential projects include CRC Joyous, Nirala Estate Phase 1, Nirala Estate Phase III, DAH Greentech NX Avenue, and Gaur Saundaryam.

Q11. What is the size of the Golden Grande?

Ans: Golden Grande, covering 5 acres in Techzone 4, is a well-planned project providing ample green space for residents.

Q12. Where is Ashrai Golden Grande located?

Ans: The project is located in Techzone 4 Greater Noida West, Greater Noida. Click to view project details

Q13: Q What is the construction status of Ashrai Golden Grande?

Ans: The project is Under Construction. Click to view project details

Q14: What property types are there In Ashrai Golden Grande?

Ans: The project has Bare-shell Office Space and a Shop.

Download Ashrai Golden Grande Brochure

Kindly click here to download the E-Brochure of Ashrai Golden Grande. It contains all the information about the project including the Price List, Site Plan, Floor Plan, Etc.

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