13 Essentials to Look for Before Selecting Your Dream Home In 2023

Out of everything we desire, buying a Dream home in the form of shelter is the utmost one. We humans always aspire for having a perfect home that is filled with a lot of amenities, glossy furniture, and shining Bathrooms. A home is a place where we find our space, and share love and care with our loved ones. As we all know that having a home that can create a space for us and our family can be seen as a liability as per the financial aspects but for us it is the place of emotional connections and a lot more than that.

So, before buying a home we need to look for some essential requirements that are a must-need for a buyer like you and us. In this article, we are sharing with you 13 Essentials to Look for Before Selecting Your Dream Home. Let’s dig into this article to find out those essentials.

Location of your Dream Home

Suppose you are living in an area from which a hospital is at a distance of 10 km, grocery shops are at a distance of 4-5 Kms and parks are at 3-4 Kms So, how your life will be impacted if you are living in this type of area, You will need at least 40-50 minutes extra before going to any nearby place, that’s why the location of your dream house is a must because this is the only key factor which reduces your time consumption and other pains of reaching a destination. That’s why assessing whether the location aligns with your lifestyle and long-term plans or not is a needful thing.

Size and Space of the House 

The Size and Space of the house is an important factor as it defines the space you will need for your family. It may range between 3 to 6 BHK as per the size of your family and your needs for other things. So, you need to evaluate the size and layout of the house to ensure it accommodates your current and future needs. So you can consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the overall square footage, and the functionality of the floor plan. Also, think about any specific requirements that you have, such as a home office or a backyard.

Amenities coming along with your Dream Home

We need facilities and arrangements to ensure our living, so that’s why we need to have a glance over the amenities that will be like an add-on to our dream home. Things like a swimming pool, spa, sports court, Multi-Purpose hall, etc. are some of the common amenities that you must consider before looking for your dream house.

Nearby Locality to your Dream Home

The people we live with are the ones who are going to help us in the coming future or we are going to help them, So the locality where our dream house should be located is also important because if we live in a good locality where our neighbors are helpful and genuine then our life will have become easy and productive. Things that make up a locality are; grocery shops, other projects nearby, and popular spots.

Maintenance Facility

We need to ensure that the maintenance facility is available in our dream house because things are going to get damaged after a fixed period and then we will be needing maintenance facilities for these, So that’s why we should see what type of maintenance facilities are available in our house like plumbing, electricals and structure maintenance too.

Safety and Security of the Home

We need to consider the safety and security of the neighborhood and the house itself because this must check-box to be checked before investing our money into a dream home. However, we need to research crime rates, check for the presence of security systems or gated communities, and evaluate the general feel of the area. Ensuring your home has adequate safety features like smoke detectors and secure locks is also a needful act.

Age & Condition of the Building or Apartment

Among a lot of factors of buying your dream home, ensuring the age and condition of the building is needed because if the structure is old then you will need to do some sort of servicing and other things too before shifting to it. If you are a second or third buyer of any property then you need to check the conditions like leakage of pipes, Switchboards, tiles, and floors too so that you will be in peace after shifting to it. 

Pricing and Budgeting 

Money is the driving factor of buying your dream home without an ample amount of money you will land an unwanted home, that has no comparison to your dream home. So, you need to set a price value to invest in the property also always take 1.5X of the total amount so, you will not face any type of scarcity before booking the flat. For this you can contact us too, we will help you to budget properly and set the ball in your court for your benefit.

Resale Value 

Suppose you bought a home that had no futuristic value then you will face problems while reselling it . Real- Estate is all about buying a home at 10Rs and Selling it at 15 or 20Rs. So you need to ensure that the home that you are going to buy must have a resale value so that it does not take much of your time in finding another buyer if you will wish to shift to another place in the future.

Compare Home Loans and Check your Credit Score 

There are a lot of scams related to home loans, some are showing fake taxes that will increase just after you take that home loan, so you need to compare the home loans of different companies for making a right decision that will not disturb you after taking the home loan. However, having a good credit score also increases the probability of taking a home loan from a company as soon as possible, so you need to make a note of this too.

Natural Lighting and Ventilation

We are natural beings, and we always want to live near nature as it’s our natural entity, that’s why having a home with good natural lighting and ventilation makes it our dream home. So, we need to check the availability of exhaust and ventilators available in the home, also the windows and door should align in such a way that it makes room for the air to pass and flow through it.

Wrap up

So, in this article, we discussed those Essentials to Look for Before Selecting your Dream Home the things include having a good location, size, space of the home, amenities, nearby locality, safety and security, maintenance facility, and pricing & budgeting, etc. We had tried our best to represent the right information to you so that you can easily take the right decision. For more information and advice related to projects you can contact us anytime and we will help you out.


Q1. How do I choose my dream house?

Ans. You can choose your dream house by analyzing the essentials given in our article like the location of your dream house, amenities, and the type of property of your dream house.

Q2. What features are you looking for in your dream home?

Ans. The features like space, furniture, floors, and ceiling of the home must be considered before buying it.

Q3. What should you look for in a Dream home before buying?

Ans. We should look at the important features like pricing, location, amenities, resale value, home loans, and other things related to a house before buying it.

Q4. How do you identify a good house just like your Dream home?

Ans. If a house has the essentials we have discussed in this article then that house can be identified as a good house.

Q5. What is the #1 feature to consider when buying a Dream home?

Ans. The #1 feature to consider when buying a home is the location of the project.

Q6. What is the most important thing to buy a house?

Ans. Home loans and EMIs related to it is the most important thing to buy a house.

Q7. What are the key features of the property?

Ans. The key features of a property are; Spacing, Location, Type of Property, Builders, and Amenities, etc.

Q8. What are the three most important things in real estate?

Ans. The three important things in real estate are:

  1. Current Value and Profit with the property
  2. Location of the property
  3. Resale Value of the property

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