Bhutani Cyberthum, Sector 140A Noida

Bhutani Cyberthum, Sector 140A Noida

Bhutani Cyberthum, an excellent commercial project, was launched by Bhutani Infra. A renowned builder in the real estate industry, making sure to provide world-class office spaces, co-working spaces, retail shops, and shopping spaces in Sector 140A Noida. Which is an affordable investment option for investors like IT, companies or MNCs looking for a great return on investment. All the office and retail space available has a minimum lease guarantee of nine years. 

The project location has been strategically chosen, which shows great connectivity to the Noida Expressway. Also, other dominant sectors that have developed residential, commercial, and industrial areas such as Sector 137, sector 143, sector 93 Noida, sector 136, sector 90, sector 142, sector 135, sector 83, and Sector 80, Noida Also nearby is Yamuna Expressway. That connects to three potential markets in the state, namely Aligarh, Agra, and Mathura. 

Furthermore, The project consists of four tall, strong, and attractive towers. They are built with using modern technology and equipment, with 35 office spaces on every floor. The 31st and 35th floors make the two tall buildings in the project interconnected to each other via a bridge. It also offers a sky mall, and this is the tallest commercial building in Northern India, making it highly visible.

About the Builders of Bhutani Cyberthum

Bhutani Infra, founded in 1996, has a great team of experts. They have decades of experience working in the real estate world. Inspired to innovate and grow with time while putting a very high standard for their projects via using modern technology. With Ideal strategic planning, they have offered spectacular residential and commercial complexes with world-class facilities and amenities in the advantageous and accessible locations of Delhi and Noida extensions.

Additionally, Bhutani Group quickly became a prominent industry player, known for dedication and customer satisfaction in their projects. Timely delivery and unwavering focus on quality have made a lasting impact in the real estate industry. Which led to their great reputation in the world of real estate development. Bhutani Group has great wealth in terms of skills and experience decades that remain the greatest contributor to their growth. With the highest standards of deliveries and return on investment all across Delhi and NCR over the last two decades. Bhutani Group is on a continuous trajectory of evolution, they have enhanced their abilities and created several opportunities for themselves.

It is crystal clear that they have done top commercial projects in Noida. Such as Alphathum Bhutani Group is an extraordinary commercial project with superior facilities and amenities that have elegantly designed towers. Which are both strong and attractive, the same as their new top offering, which is Bhutani Cyberthum. Their project displays the splendid work they have done till their establishment. 

About the Project

This project is located within easy reach of Bhutani Alphathum, another great offering of the builder located in Sector 90 Noida. Property investments begin at Rs. 4.36 L for 67 sq ft of land. The property spans 27 acres, featuring a 6.5-acre artificial lake with a stunning fountain designed by WET Design. All phases of the building are registered under RERA. They have unique RERA numbers UPRERAPRJ190938, UPRERAPRJ236478, UPRERAPRJ240015, and UPRERAPRJ674006. It demonstrates that the building is built with the safety of future occupants in mind, preventing any future mishaps.

Furthermore, Bhutani Cyberthum’s retail shop and office sizes vary from  67 sq ft to 2462 sq ft. All modern amenities, such as a conference room for holding meetings, are available. There are also other amenities available here, such as a food court, ATM, cafeteria, and 24-hour power backup. And they provide an outstanding interior that is designed to meet world-class standards. Which gives a sense of modernity and luxury while you spend your time in the property. Bhutani Cyberthum project construction has been handed over to B L Kashyap for quality construction and timely possession. 

Bhutani Cyberthum Location

Highlights of the project

Bhutani Cyberthum offers the location advantage of the fastest growing area with several facilities. The towers offer luxurious offices, food courts, shops with national and international brands, and dining spaces. Here are some of the highlights of the projects:

  • Affordable pricing- The property offers affordable options starting from 4.36L, providing investors with budget-friendly investment opportunities.
  • Strategically Designed Infrastructure- The infrastructure of the building is designed in such a way that occupants need not worry about safety. Because the building is made with high-quality materials while offering modernity and a luxurious feeling.
  • Tall Towers- The Bhutani Cyberthum has the tallest commercial tower in northern India giving the highest visibility. The plus point is that the building is LEED platinum certified making it a worthwhile place to spend time.
  • Return on Investment up to 12%- Investment in Bhutani Cyberthum will lead you to get assured a 12% return on investment.
  • High street retail- The place is a great shopping destination where you can spend time shopping in your favorite brand’s shop while enjoying the beautiful scenes around artificial lakes. And 360 meters long musical fountain which displays imperialistic design and superior quality construction.
  • 50-level iconic towers- The towers are made of 50 stories with a sky mall and helipad facilities.
  • Hydro Service- 24×7 water supply in the premises due to the water storage facility such as rainwater harvesting where surface water and rainwater get stored for future use.
  • Well, Planned Building Management- The building management is quite outstanding. Where the Automated Waste Collection System and District Cooling System are utilized in which the Building gets cooled by Chilled Water Reducing Energy Costs.
  • 24×7 Power Service- The project has a full arrangement of 24×7 power supply through next-generation generator technology, ensuring 99.999% power reliability.

Location and its advantages

The project is situated in a commercial area in Noida. Its complete postal address is Plot 1, Sector 90, Noida Expressway, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201305.  Yamuna Expressway and Noida Expressway are the nearest, most accessible, and well-connected to other states’ roads which provide facilities for many public means of transport.

  • Airports- Cyberthum project location is 55 km away from the IGI Airport and 30 minutes away from the upcoming Jewar International Airport.
  • Metro Stations- The project is just two minutes away from Noida Sector 137 Metro Station and 3.4Km distance away from Noida Sector 142 Metro Station.
  • Expressways- The accessible expressway near Cyberthum is just 7 Km of distance which is Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and the other expressway closest to the vicinity is 14 Km which is Faridabad – Noida – Ghaziabad Expressway also the Dadri Road is 2.6Km away which is also in the reachable distance.
  • Closest Proximities-  The project is 3 Km from Sector 137, Noida, 4 Km away from the proposed ISBT in Sector 144 Noida, and 30 Km away from ISBT Kashmere Gate, New Delhi.
  • Companies- There are several companies within the reach of the location, such as KPMG, Infosys campus, Samsung, Accenture, TCS, Wipro, Unitech SEZ Infospace, HCL, NEPZ,  Oracle, and Sector 144 SEZ. 
  • Marketplaces- The capital marketplace is very close to the project location at walking distance while some of these malls and marketplaces are also at an accessible distance such as Uptown Square in Sector 137 Noida, Starling Edge at 6.07 Km of distance, and Sector 46 market at 7.6Km of distance.

What more can be offered?

Schools located in close proximity are SKS World School which is 1.57 km of distance in Sector 137, Gain School Sector 189 in reach of 1.59Km of distance and Gyan Shree School Sector 127 at 1.83 Km of reachable distance. Hotel Kailash 2.56Km of distance, The fern residency 6.08Km, and PK Boutique Hotel is 6.15 Km on the other hand, there are several hospitals that are closer in proximity such as Felix Hospital is 1.36 Km distance away and JR Choudhury Hospital is 3.44Km distance away. 

There are several things in which Bhutani Granthum is outstanding but there are some more things that could be offered such as currently there are no mega-mall commercials in the area of the Noida Expressways.

You need to travel 6-7 Km to reach any mega malls to fulfill your entertainment and hospitality. Though all these will be provided by the Bhutani Cyberthum for which you need to wait until the possessions and project inauguration.

The Cyberthum investment will only be beneficial if you are capable of holding your investment until the project completion and investors will get benefits if the project gets delivered on time.

Amenities of Bhutani Cyberthum

There are several amenities Bhutani Cyberthum offers which are mentioned below:-

  • Swimming Pool- A great big well-designed swimming pool that enhances the aesthetic and beauty of the Cyberthum the facilities inside the project offer enjoyment and relaxation time to the occupants. Also, swimming is great for people who want to socialize and do exercise to improve cardiovascular health, build strength, and improve flexibility.
  • Security- Full-time security protects the premises and making the occupant give a sense of security with the new modern technology such as com links. Besides, all the premises are installed with CCTV and guards on the main entrance for the scrutiny of the visitors.
  • Well, Planned Parking- Multi Level parking gives ample parking area where the visitors also get the luxury of reserved parking. There are overall 421 Open Parking and basement parking with a 537 car park capacity.
  • Maintenance staff- Great maintenance staff who are always ready to help and handle the building work and complaints professionally making the time of occupants spent in no worry.
  • Bank and ATM- The project provides convenient access to banks and ATMs for visitors’ financial needs during shopping or dining.
  • Halls- The project offers various halls for important gatherings, including banquet, multipurpose, and video conference halls. 
  • Exercise Room- There is an exercise facility available such as a gymnasium and aerobics rooms.
  • Wi-Fi/Internet facility- Full property has a great internet/ Wi-Fi connection making things go uninterrupted. 
  • Infrastructure- The buildings are earthquake-resistant, built with strong infrastructure, and high-quality materials. And equipped with fire fighting systems for maximum occupant protection.
  • Waste Disposal-  The property has a very good waste disposal system preventing any unhealthy and dirty environment inside the vicinity.
Bhutani Cyberthum


Bhutani Group is a genuine and trusted real estate developer with a good track record. The Bhutani Infra has hands-on experience in state-of-the-art commercial real estate project development. The developer is well known for its quality construction, timely possession & maintenance. So in this project of Bhutani Infra, Bhtuani Cyberthum will definitely meet the needs and expectations of the investors. Cyberthum is a great place for visitors to spend time on. 

Overall, we have analyzed that Bhutani Builder innovates in every commercial project. Besides that Bhutani Infra Assured Return on commercial projects is genuine. Because they have performed quite well proving this point and making investors earn great profits.


Q1- What is the starting price of the property in Bhutani Cyberthum?

Ans- The starting price of the property in Bhutani Grandthum is  Rs. 4.36 L onwards for 67 sq ft of land.

Q2- When was the construction of Bhutani Cyberthum started?

AnsBhutani Cyberthum construction got started in January 2019. 

Q3- How much ROI is Bhutani Cyberthum giving?

AnsBhutani Cyberthum is giving a 12% of assured return on investment(ROI).

Q4- In how much area is the Bhutani Cyberthum spread?

AnsBhutani Cyberthum is spread over an area of 27 acres of land.

Q5- How many phases are there in the project?

AnsThere are a total of four phases in the project.

Q6- What are the RERA numbers of the Bhutani Cyberthum phases?

AnsAll the phases in the project are registered under RERA and the RERA ID numbers are UPRERAPRJ190938, UPRERAPRJ236478, UPRERAPRJ240015, and UPRERAPRJ674006.

Download Bhutani Cyberthum Brochure

Kindly click here to download the E-Brochure of Bhutani Cyberthum. It contains all the information about the Project.

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