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Front view of ATS Kabana High

Sector 4 of Greater Noida West is home to the brand-new commercial development known as ATS Kabana High. This project, which took years to complete and involved a great deal of research and analysis, aims to provide high-end business solutions for the way of life of the coming generation. The project provides clients looking for commercial shops at reasonable prices with contemporary retail stores, commercial spaces, and office spaces.

The goal of this project is to improve city life by making popular locations easily accessible. Over 1 lakh nearby families are expected to be served by the 2 acres of the project’s high street commercial area. The commercial building is well-made, and there are 838 apartments overall in the project.

This commercial project is situated in a very convenient location and is simple for customers to access thanks to its location on a 130-meter road. The project was created to enhance city life and offer simple access to popular locations. The project has 2 acres of green space, which is sufficient to provide a pleasant working environment for professionals. The cost of the project is affordable, ranging from Rs. 25.2 lac to Rs. 2.26 cr.

About the Builders of ATS Kabana High

In India, the highly regarded real estate development company ATS Builders has been producing top-notch housing developments for 16 years. They are dedicated to building residences that are customized to the desires and goals of their residents, making sure that every brick laid reflects exceptional craftsmanship. Since 1998, Mr. Getamber Anand has served as the company’s Chairman and Managing Director. They lead it to new heights in the real estate industry by producing projects of exceptional quality and financial success.

ATS Builders is a leader in technology, having developed for their customers engaging online and mobile experiences. They have a 100% client satisfaction rate, and 75% of their reservations are made in advance. They have organized more than 2,300 custom trips for their more than 2,500 satisfied clients. ATS Builders takes pride in completing projects that both meet and exceed their clients expectations. Because they recognize the responsibility involved in building a home.

To date, the company has delivered nearly 2.5 million square meters of residential space, and another 1.9 million square meters are currently under construction. Over 3,500 committed employees work for them, including teams from internal construction, security, facility, and maintenance departments. The phenomenal growth of ATS Builders is a result of their unrivaled brand equity in the Indian real estate market.

The goal of ATS Builders is to increase its presence throughout the nation. They take great pride in their dedication to completing each of their projects with exceptional quality and profitability. With their cutting-edge technology, pleased customers, and unmatched brand equity. ATS Builders has established itself as a force in the Indian real estate market. ATS Builders is the company to go, if you’re looking for a housing development that matches your goals and aspirations.

About the Project

Sector 4 of Greater Noida West is home to ATS Infrastructure’s commercial development, ATS Kabana High. It is an architectural wonder with excellent infrastructure and a striking aesthetic that distinguishes it from other structures in the area. The project consists of commercial buildings with offices and shops ranging in size from 450 – 750 square meters. Due to its location at Noida Extension’s entrance, the property is easily accessible.

The two-acre project is constructed with top-notch materials and created to offer a welcoming environment for operating skilled businesses with high productivity. It is appropriate for all premium brands of any goods or services and is anticipated to be the most in-demand commercial development in the area. A significant portion of the foot traffic will also be captured by the future metro station across the street.

The elegant ATS Kabana High project costs between INR 17.6 Lac and INR 1.40 Cr, and the property has 838 residential units. Launched in May 2019, the project won’t be ready for occupancy until November 2026.

The project provides a wide range of options with easy access to the crucial area. The 380 square feet to 525 square feet and up to 800 square feet of shops and offices at ATS Kabana High. All of the units are being built, and the project is cleverly constructed. Commercial office space and retail space are the units that are available.

This project will begin operations on May 1, 2019. As of November 1st, 2026, this innovative project will be ready for occupancy. Residents of ATS Kabana High enjoy a modern way of life, making it the ideal location to buy your dream house. One of the most sought-after pin codes is 201306, where the project is located.

Highlights of ATS Kabana High

Introducing a brand-new, exciting business location built to meet all of your needs. This cutting-edge structure offers a variety of amenities that will far exceed your expectations. Here are some of ATS Kabana High Noida Extension’s highlights:

  • The building’s masonry walls, columns, and RCC slab guarantee a solid and dependable framework.
  • All floors are easily accessible via service and passenger elevators, and connecting stairs between office levels provide an additional mode of transportation.
  • Clients will have no trouble finding and entering your office thanks to the thoughtful design of the office entry zone with a designated drop-off.
  • Your clients and visitors will feel at home in stylish lobbies with painted walls and stone or vitrified tile finishes.
  • Modern furniture and fixtures in public restrooms provide all users with convenience and comfort.
  • Parking your car and entering the building are both made simple by the property’s ample parking and service basement.
  • This property provides quick access to public transportation and is close to a potential metro location.
  • The complex is the ideal location for your business needs because of its excellent facilities, high-quality construction, and general appeal.

Location and its advantages

Location of ATS Kaban High

The ATS Kabana High is a brand-new commercial structure that provides a prime location for businesses to flourish. It is situated in Greater Noida West. The project is conveniently situated on a 130-meter road at the entrance to Noida Extension, making it accessible to residents, commuters using the metro, and motorists. The region offers a great opportunity for businesses to develop and grow because it is well-connected to Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi, and Ghaziabad.

  • More than 1 lakh people live in Sector 4, which is close to ATS Kabana High, ensuring a steady stream of clients.
  • Schools, hospitals, malls, and other social and retail infrastructure facilities are all close to the project’s location.
  • Both the residential and commercial sectors of the area are expanding quickly, making it a prime location for businesses and investors.
  • Major builders with a sizable presence in the area include ATS Infrastructure, Gaurs Group, Panchsheel, Supertech, and Amrapali.
  • Besides, the location of ATS Kabana High provides excellent connectivity to a number of employment hubs, including IT parks and industrial centers in Noida and Greater Noida.
  • With thoroughfares like the Noida-Greater Noida Link Road, Bisrakh Road, and Vikas Marg, the area’s wide roads and good connectivity make traveling easier and less stressful.
  • It is anticipated that the upcoming Noida Metro Phase 2 (Sector 71 – Knowledge Park 5) will further improve connectivity and offer customers and employees a convenient means of transportation.

In conclusion, ATS Kabana High is the perfect location for investors looking for growth and expansion opportunities due to its enviable position in Greater Noida West. It is a fantastic investment opportunity due to its proximity to social and retail infrastructure, employment centers, and excellent connectivity to major cities.

Amenities of ATS Kabana High

Greater Noida West is home to the commercial development known as ATS Kabana High. Its close proximity to Sector 4, where more than 1 lakh people live, its strategic location guarantees a steady flow of customers. It is also close to a number of social and commercial infrastructure facilities, such as malls, schools, and hospitals. Both the residential and commercial sectors of the area are experiencing rapid growth. Thus, making it a prime location for businesses and investors.

  • The two-acre commercial structure known as ATS Kabana High has spacious storefronts for retail establishments. Also has offices that are of perfect size for expanding companies.
  • It features a central plaza with lavish landscaping, extensive paving, and decorative elements. Furthermore, it also has a pedestrian plaza with seating areas and kiosks, and chic lobby designs.
  • The project includes amenities like power backup and manned security boom barriers at all vehicular entry and exit points. On the other hand, availability of chilled water and air conditioning system, a BTU meter with a chargeable reading, and 100% automatic DG backup.
  • It stands out from other Greater Noida West projects because it has a CCTV camera facility and designated drop-off and entrance zones for offices.
  • Children can enjoy the playground and outdoor courtyard where they can play tennis and other games.
  • The project also includes elevators and staircases for easy movement, basement parking, and public restrooms with contemporary fittings and fixtures.
  • By enhancing local connectivity and offering a convenient mode of transportation for workers and customers. Moreover, the upcoming Noida Metro Phase 2 will benefit the neighborhood.


To Summarize, Sector 4 of Greater Noida West is home to the commercial development project known as ATS Kabana High. The project offers reasonably priced modern retail stores, office spaces, and commercial spaces. The project’s goal is to improve city life by making popular locations accessible and providing the two-acre high street commercial area to over 1 lakh nearby families. In addition, There are 838 total apartments in the project, and the commercial building is well-constructed.

The organization behind ATS Kabana High, ATS Builders, has been creating excellent housing developments for 16 years and is a well-known real estate development company in India. Although, Seventy-five percent of reservations are made in advance, and the business has a 100% client satisfaction rate. Almost 2.5 million square meters of residential space have already been delivered by the company. And another 1.9 million square meters are currently being built.

Overall, High-quality building materials were used in the construction of ATS Kabana High. This project is designed to provide a friendly environment for running skilled businesses with high productivity. The project provides a variety of options with simple access to the key location. Also, this is the most sought-after commercial development in the region, suitable for all premium brands of any goods or services. That is predicted to be ATS Kabana High. The property is conveniently located at the entrance to Noida Extension, and the upcoming metro station across the street will draw in a sizable amount of foot traffic.


  1. What other housing developments are there close to ATS Kabana High?

There are several other well-known housing developments close to ATS Kabana Hig. Such as Gaur City, Fusion The Brook, Trident Embassy Reso, Express Astra, and Gaur Saundaryam.

  1. Where can I find the ATS Kabana High project floor plan to download?

A project’s floor plan is crucial because it provides a general overview of the area and how the project will look. The ATS Kabana High floor plan is available for download on the official website.

  1. Where is ATS Kabana High located?

ATS Kabana High can be found at Sector 4 of Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201306, according to its address.

  1. When will the completed project be available for use?

The project, which is being developed by the renowned Indian real estate development firm ATS Builders, is scheduled to be completed in November 2026.

  1. Is there a security guard on duty at the construction site?

Yes, the project provides a 24/7 Security guard as well as a security camera.

  1. What are the sizes of the offices in ATS Kabana High?

The shops and offices have super areas that are 220, 360, 416, 428, 450, 460, 487, 572, 583, 682, 756, and 801 square feet in size.

  1. What is the size of the project?

There are 838 apartments in the project. Which consists of commercial buildings with offices and shops that range in size from 450 – 750 square meters.

Download ATS High Kabana Brochure

Kindly click here to download the E-Brochure of ATS High Kabana. It contains all the information about the project including the Price List, Site Plan, Floor Plan, Etc.

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