Signature Global’s Bold Venture: Joint Housing Projects in Gurugram Valued at ₹5,000 Crore

Signature Global Bold Venture: Joint Housing Projects in Gurugram Valued at ₹5,000 Crore

In a noteworthy move, real estate giant Signature Global has inked three Joint Development Agreements (JDAs) with landlords, signaling a significant expansion in its housing projects in Gurugram. This collaborative effort aims to bring forth expansive Residential Spaces, covering a total land area of 21.38 acres with a development potential of 32 lakh square feet.

Revenue Anticipation Surpassing ₹5,000 Crore

Emphasizing its commitment to addressing the increasing housing demand in major cities, Signature Global Chairman Pradeep Aggarwal disclosed that the revenue potential from these JDAs is expected to surpass ₹5,000 crore. This underlines the substantial scale and economic impact of these strategic partnerships.

Unveiling Signature Global Project Details and Prime Locations

The three JDAs include a 16.12-acre land parcel with 25 lakh sq ft of developable area, a 4.26-acre plot with 5.3 lakh sq ft of development potential, and an approximately 1-acre space with 1.9 lakh sq ft of development potential. Strategically positioned in Sector 71, Gurugram, these parcels complement Signature Global’s existing projects, fostering a cohesive and integrated urban development approach.

Projected Timelines and Launch Strategies

With an ambitious timeline, Signature Global aims to launch these projects within the next 12–24 months, highlighting the company’s commitment to timely and effective project execution. This aligns with the industry trend of delivering quality housing solutions promptly to meet the dynamic demands of prospective Homebuyers.

Financial Uplift of Signature Global and Market Presence

Reflecting a positive financial trajectory, Signature Global reported a consolidated net profit of ₹2.17 crore in the quarter ending December, a substantial improvement from the net loss of ₹44.89 crore during the same period the previous year. The company’s total income in the third quarter of the fiscal year rose to ₹301.75 crore, showcasing robust financial performance.

Market Influence and IPO Triumph

Since its listing in September 2023, Signature Global has captured the attention of the stock market. The company’s maiden public offer, which raised ₹730 crore last year, has positioned Signature Global as a notable player. Investors and market watchers closely monitor Signature Global’s share price, indicating confidence in the company’s growth potential.

Signature Global Sales Soar and Market Expansion

In a remarkable achievement, Signature Global recorded sale bookings of ₹1,262.73 crore in the third quarter of the fiscal year, marking a substantial 47% growth compared to the corresponding period the previous year. With 1,179 units sold during this period, this company reinforces its consistent performance and established market presence.

Signature Global’s Emphasis on Affordable Housing

Signature Global Emphasis on Affordable Housing

Distinguished for its focus on mid-income and affordable housing segments, Signature Global plays a pivotal role in addressing the housing needs of the Delhi-NCR region. The company’s commitment to providing quality housing solutions is evident in its sales figures and ongoing expansion plans.


Signature Global’s strategic alliances, robust financial performance, and market presence underscore its commitment to sustainable growth and meeting the increasing demand for affordable housing in Gurugram. The company’s trajectory aligns with its mission to create thriving communities and enhance the quality of life for residents.

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