YEIDA Plans New Residential Sector Near Noida International Airport: Sector 5 Development in the Pipeline

New Residential Sector Near Noida International Airport

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) is gearing up to meet the growing demand for residential spaces near the upcoming Noida International Airport. According to sources, YEIDA is set to develop a new Residential Sector, tentatively named Sector 5, situated in close proximity to the airport. The authority has laid out plans to acquire approximately 1,100 hectares of land for this purpose, reflecting the increasing buyer interest in the region.

Land Acquisition and Development Timeline

YEIDA has formulated a comprehensive proposal for the acquisition of 1,100 hectares of land, and this proposal is expected to be submitted to the district administration soon. The land acquisition process is slated to commence shortly, with a targeted completion by December 2023 or January 2024. Once the land is in the possession of the authority, the development of the residential sector will commence. The designated Sector 5 is poised to offer a mix of residential plots and group housing societies.

Residential Options in Sector 5

According to insiders, YEIDA’s proposal outlines that 50 percent of the acquired land will be dedicated to a scheme featuring 2,000 residential plots. This new residential sector is anticipated to be officially launched in the early months of 2024, offering a range of housing options for prospective buyers. The remaining land will be allocated for the development of group housing societies, catering to varied preferences in residential living.

Public Interest and Connectivity

YEIDA Plans New Residential Sector Near Noida International Airport

With the success of YEIDA’s previous residential plots scheme in 2023, the upcoming Sector 5 is expected to generate significant public interest. Its strategic location near the Noida International Airport and proximity to the Yamuna Expressway, connecting Greater Noida with Agra, adds to its appeal. YEIDA is also planning to enhance connectivity by establishing a direct link between the Yamuna Expressway and Chola Railway Station in the Bulandshahr district through this newly developed sector.

Wrapping it Up

As YEIDA sets its sights on Sector 5, the region near the Noida International Airport is poised for substantial growth and development. The proposed Residential Sector, with its mix of plots and housing societies, is likely to become a sought-after destination for homebuyers. With strategic connectivity plans in place, the development is expected to contribute significantly to the overall infrastructure and real estate landscape of the region.

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