Luxury Living Redefined: Whiteland Corp and Marriott International’s Ambitious Gurugram Project

A New Era of Residential Opulence

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Delhi-NCR’s Whiteland Corporation has partnered with global hospitality giant Marriott International to create an unparalleled luxury housing project in Gurugram. This venture, set to redefine premium living in India, will operate under the prestigious Westin Residences brand.

Prime Location and Project Scope

The ambitious development will unfold on a sprawling 20-acre plot in Sector 103, strategically positioned along the Dwarka Expressway. With a staggering development potential of 6 million square feet, the project aims to introduce between 1,600 and 1,800 high-end residences to the Gurugram skyline.

Phased Development and Financial Outlook

The project will materialize in two distinct phases, with the initial phase comprising 674 units slated for launch in the second quarter of the current fiscal year. This first stage will account for 2 million square feet, while the subsequent phase will encompass the remaining 4 million square feet. The estimated investment for this mammoth undertaking, including land acquisition, is projected to exceed Rs 5,000 crore, with anticipated revenues surpassing Rs 15,000 crore upon completion.

Exclusive Offerings and Pricing

Westin Residences Gurugram will showcase an array of three- and four-bedroom homes, ranging from 2,529 to 4,154 square feet in size. These opulent dwellings are expected to command a starting price of approximately Rs 5 crore, with variations based on floor level and unit dimensions.

A Milestone for Marriott in India

This development marks a significant milestone as the first standalone Westin Residences in India. John Hearns, Marriott International’s Senior Vice President of Global Residential Operations, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the potential to establish new standards in premium living within the country.

Global Significance and Delivery Timeline

Trinh Quynh Phuong, Marriott International’s Vice President of Mixed-Use Development for Asia Pacific (excluding China), highlighted the project’s global significance, noting that it would become the largest standalone branded residences managed by Marriott worldwide. The initial phase is anticipated to reach completion within five years of its launch, setting the stage for a new benchmark in luxury urban living.


The Westin Residences Gurugram project, a collaboration between Whiteland Corporation and Marriott International, heralds a new era in India’s luxury real estate. As the first standalone Westin Residences in the country and Marriott’s largest globally managed branded residence, it sets a new benchmark for premium living. The development’s scale, location, and amenities reflect the evolving demands of high-end urban dwellers. This venture not only transforms Gurugram’s skyline but also signals India’s readiness to meet international luxury standards, potentially inspiring similar high-end projects nationwide.

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