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Before buying any property we need to make sure that our money is Getting invested in a legal and government-authorized property. So, to ensure it we should check the documents which are associated with the property we are going to buy to avoid any type of problems associated with it in the future. Not only the documents we should also check the layout and plan of the property which is under construction along with its RERA Number. 

So, to become one hundred percent sure about our property we must have these given documents as these documents and checks are crucial for buyers to ensure the legal status, compliance, and authenticity of the property, reducing the risk of fraud or legal disputes.

In this article we are going to provide you with a Detailed List of Documents to Check Before Buying a Real Estate Property, It may vary from state to state but the list we are going to provide you is common for all the states and they can be called by different names but the documents will be same. These documents are applicable and valid for all types of properties like Residential, Commercial, and Retail too. So let’s find out what those documents are:-

Title document or Register sale deed

A title document can be of three types; Sale deed, Gift deed, and Conveyance Deed. In these sale deeds is a document that proves who owns a property. It includes information about the property, the buyer, and the seller, as well as the rights of the buyer. The sale deed shows that the buyer is the official owner of the property whereas a Gift Deed is a document that allows someone to willingly transfer their property to another person, trust, or party as a gift. Conveyance Deed is seen when the seller is the owner itself and he is selling the property for the very first time.

Chain of Title Documents

Suppose you’re buying a property from someone other than the real owner. In such cases, you might be the 7th or 8th buyer in the property’s history. In this situation, it’s crucial to examine all documents from the owner to the most recent buyer in the chain. These documents encompass the Title documents of all buyers in this chain. The absence of any of these documents from a buyer in the chain. This could raise suspicions and potential legal issues for your property purchase. Therefore, it’s advisable to at least review the main documents and retain records of the documents from the chain of buyers after your purchase.

Completion and Occupancy Certificate

This certificate is being issued by the Municipal Corporation, if the building which was under construction is completed then the Municipal Corporation will issue the completion certificate. After the completion of all the services like Water, Electricity, and other interior designing, Municipal Corporation issues an Occupancy Certificate for the real-estate property. So you need to check this too.

Encumbrance certificate

This certificate ensures that there is any third party involved in the property or not. You can find it in the government portal of your state. It is a record of 30 years that claims that the third party is involved or not between the buyer and seller of the property. 

Mortgage Documents

If the owner has taken any type of loan by keeping Property as a mortgage then you should ask about those Mortgage documents. Most banks take the title documents as a mortgage but you need to ask about all the documents of the property that are kept as a mortgage to the bank. Also you should check the latest loan statements and whether will it be paid by the owner or not.

Allotment and Possession Letter

If you are buying any property directly from the property owner or the development authority and the property is still under construction. Then the owner will provide you an Allotment Letter and as soon as the property gets completed. The owner will give you the possession letter. So that you can occupy the given property.

Property Tax Receipts

You need to check all the tax receipts related to the property. So, you should be aware that the latest property tax is being paid by the owner and there are no tax dues related to property. In the tax receipts, you should check the name of the owner and the details of the property like the address of the property, the map, and any other layout of the property.

Utility Bills

Bills of Electricity, Water, Gas, also need to be checked and updated. If these bills are not provided by the seller then you should ask for these bills as they can cause problems to you after buying the property.

Car Park Allotment Letter or Car Allotment Letter 

You should also need to check the Car Park Allotment Letter in case of any dedicated parking. This letter is provided when the property is Commercial or Office Space . Then there is a separate parking provided to the people residing in the commercial space. So you need to check this also.

NOC from RWA society

A No-Objection-Certificate is being given by the RWA or Resident Welfare Association to ensure the legality and validity of the property. They give this certificate as a surety that the owner has paid all the dues related to the property and of RWA Society. This document is a must for the sale deed registration. If this document is not provided then the Sale Deed will not be registered.

Mutation letter

You need to check about the mutation letter. It’s because a mutation letter is a brief document used to inform authorities about changes in property ownership or property details. It is typically submitted to the appropriate government department responsible for maintaining property records. The letter includes necessary information such as the property’s unique identification number. Which also includes the old and new owner’s names and the specific details of the mutation being requested. This letter plays a crucial role in updating official records to reflect the current ownership or property information accurately.

Conversion certificate

A conversion letter is also required while buying a real estate property as it is a short document used to request the conversion of one type of property into another. It is typically submitted to the relevant authorities responsible for overseeing property conversions. The letter outlines the details of the existing property and specifies the desired type of conversion. It may include information such as the property’s current use, proposed changes, and any necessary documentation or permits. The conversion letter is an important step in obtaining official approval for transforming the property according to the desired specifications.

Wrapping it Up

In this article, we have discussed the Detailed List of Documents to Check Before Buying a Real Estate Property. These documents are – Title document, Encumbrance certificate, Car Park Allotment Letter, Mutation letter, Conversion certificate, etc. So, it was a brief list of the documents which is very important for you to check as the availability of these documents. Which ensures the validity and legality of the given property. For more information regarding any property residing in Noida, you can contact us, we are eager to help you out.


Q1. What documents to check before buying a house?

Ans. Documents like Title documents, NOC from RWA, Encumbrance Certificate, Mutation, and Conversion letter are needed to be checked before buying a house.

Q2. What are the documents we need to check before buying a plot?

Ans. The list of the documents which we have provided you in this article is required to be checked by you before you buy a plot or any other real-estate property.

Q3. What should we check before buying a flat?

Ans. You need to check title documents like Sale Deed, Gift Deed, and Conveyance Deed before buying a flat.

Q4. What is the chain of property documents?

Ans. Chain of Property Documents are those documents that are owned by a series of owners from the main owner itself. Who became a seller after selling the property. These documents mainly include the title documents.

Q5. What does a property with a chain mean?

Ans. If a property has gone through the hands of different sellers and buyers then it becomes of chain and this chain is called a property chain.

Q6. What is a document chain?

Ans. A Document Chain is a series of documents owned by different owners of the property.

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